We Revealed 11 Famous Magic Tricks , Check now if you Love Magic

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A few magic tricks have genuinely blown our minds, specially while they're so grand that we feel they may be nothing other than magic itself, do not you observed? Well, you could not be more wrong because every magic trick, no matter how exceptional, is, in any case, a trick. We are just going to spoil 11 of them for you.

I always wanted to learn Magic now it seems like i have learned half of the Magic ;)

Now You See Me card Trick

Famous Levitating Trick

The classic card-through-the-window Trick

HOW does the Person get out of the Trunk Trick

Catching a Bullet Trick

We always knew there was something fishy about the lady dissembling her body like that.

Walking through the biggest wonder of the World Trick

Anti Gravity Lean on Trick

We can't believe we fell for this one when we were kids! This has got to be the Easiest Magic Trick ever!

Disappearing Mug full of Milk Trick

How David Copperfield made Statue of Liberty disappear

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